Monday, January 22, 2007

The Dog Park, and Snow!

What a weekend I had! Let me tell you about it. On Saturday mommy took us all to the dog park. There were tons on dogs there. There was also this guy with cameras there. They kept making clicking noises at us. Enough about the guy though, back to the dogs. There was a boxer there. Her name was Rubi. It was the first time I met her. Our friend Layla was there. She has the same name as my sister. She is a black lab. She likes to run like a boxer though. There was this little dog that like to run too. Mommy said it was a Shiba Inu. We stayed for about an hour and then mommy made us go home. She made us all take baths too. That was not very fun.

On Sunday we woke up to lots of snow. This was the first time that Layla and I have seen lots of snow. Harley said he is used to it. ChiChi said she is used to it too, but she doesn’t like it. Harley, Layla, and I all ran around in the snow for a long time. It was so fun! I didn’t mind that it was cold. Layla kept ringing the bell to go back out. She didn’t have to go though, she just wanted to play in the snow. Mommy and Daddy were home almost all day on Sunday watching football. I love it when the stay home. We went for a walk in the snow last night and we saw a dog pulling a guy on a sled. It looked like he was having fun. Mom said maybe sometime we can all go sledding at a park. That would be awesome!

It is time for my afternoon nap. Bark at ya later, T.

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