Saturday, January 27, 2007

My New Cousin Update

My new cousin got to come home today! Mommy went over to Aunt Jess's to visit him. The people from the ASPCA called and told Aunt Jess that she could come get the puppy today. The decided to name him Riley. I like that name. I am so excited for my new cousin Riley!

My New Cousin

Mommy and Aunt Jess went to look at puppies today. They went to the ASPCA to pick out a new cousin for me. They still don't know what to name him yet. He might be Apollo, Jackson, Dakota, or something else. Whatever they name him, he looks like lots of fun. I can't wait for him to come home on Tuesday. Here are some pictures of him.

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Our Big Debut

Grandpa called today and told mommy that we made the front page of the living section! I am all excited. Now everyone can see how handsome I am. Mommy hasn't seen it yet, but she said she would bring it home so I could see for myself. Even though it is in section D of the paper, I am still in the paper. Here's the link to the story...

Monday, January 22, 2007

The Dog Park, and Snow!

What a weekend I had! Let me tell you about it. On Saturday mommy took us all to the dog park. There were tons on dogs there. There was also this guy with cameras there. They kept making clicking noises at us. Enough about the guy though, back to the dogs. There was a boxer there. Her name was Rubi. It was the first time I met her. Our friend Layla was there. She has the same name as my sister. She is a black lab. She likes to run like a boxer though. There was this little dog that like to run too. Mommy said it was a Shiba Inu. We stayed for about an hour and then mommy made us go home. She made us all take baths too. That was not very fun.

On Sunday we woke up to lots of snow. This was the first time that Layla and I have seen lots of snow. Harley said he is used to it. ChiChi said she is used to it too, but she doesn’t like it. Harley, Layla, and I all ran around in the snow for a long time. It was so fun! I didn’t mind that it was cold. Layla kept ringing the bell to go back out. She didn’t have to go though, she just wanted to play in the snow. Mommy and Daddy were home almost all day on Sunday watching football. I love it when the stay home. We went for a walk in the snow last night and we saw a dog pulling a guy on a sled. It looked like he was having fun. Mom said maybe sometime we can all go sledding at a park. That would be awesome!

It is time for my afternoon nap. Bark at ya later, T.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A birthday, an anniversary, and a holiday

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Wow, what a weekend I had. Sunday was my first birthday. Mommy invited over my cousin Rocky! He came over and had bananna pupcakes. He brought Grandma, Samantha, Jennifer, and Alexa with him. I love Alexa. She is so much fun. She played tug and fetch with me all day. Grandma brought toys with her. I got a squeaky chicken leg! To quote Hanna Banana it's "mega wicked awesome!" Mommy got me new toys too, but not a squeaky chicken leg. I will have to show you a picture. It is so cool. We also got new dog beds for my birthday. The are so comfy. I almost like sleeping on my new bed more than I like sleeping with mom and dad. Don't tell them that though.

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Yesterday was mommy and daddy's two year anniversary.They went to dinner at the restaurant down the street. I wanted to go too, but they said they don't allow doggies there. Oh well, I didn't like them anyway.

Even more exciting is that yesterday was Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I don't know who he is, but because of him mommy had the day off work! She hung out with us almost all day! She did leave to go to lunch with daddy, but when she came home she had more new toys. I think she has more toys that she is hiding somewhere too. Why does she hold out on me like that? Maybe I will have to search for these toys today.

Layla gets to start a new training class in a couple weeks. I am jealous because I like going to training. Mommy said that I am better behaved than Layla and that is why she is going to training class and not me. That is so true, but I still want to go to class. I will get to go back soon. Mommy said I am going to earn my CGC. That sounds like fun. Well, I'm out! -T

Friday, January 12, 2007

Me and Har

My brother Harley is adopted. Mommy said he is going to be staying with us for good. I like him a lot. He is my snuggle buddy. Check it out...

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Bully Sticks

Mommy brought home bully sticks today! I was so excited that I stole them off of the table while she was working on her homework. I don't think she was very happy about that. She said she was saving them for my birthday, and now I won't get any then. I don't care, they were tasty today. Harley and Layla each had one too. Mommy is so nice, she always buys enough for all of us. I like to steal everybody elses though. I am going to go check it out and see if she brought home any other goodies. Later - T

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Yay for the New Year!

I am so excited for the new year. Christmas was lots of fun, but I am ready for my birthday. I will be 1 in a week and a half! I am so excited. Mommy said she is going to make me pupcakes. Those sound good! Maybe she will let me have a puppy party. I could have all of my friends over! I would invite Rocky, and Snookie, and Elsie, and Lola, and everyone else I know. I am going to be a big dog soon!!!

I would show you pictures of my Christmas but mommy left the camera and Grandma P's on Christmas so there are no pics of me opening presents. I did a real good job though. I ripped up the papper really good. I got a new Auggie, a moose, bully sticks, and a peanut nyla bone. I must have been good!! Mommy even baked Christmas treats. Well, I am going to go nap before mommy gets home from work. I want to have lots of energy to bounce all over her!!! Later, T