Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Mommy told me today the she got The Whole Dog Jornal for this month in the mail. She said this is the one she has been waiting for. Something about approving dog foods. That lead me to think that I should talk about food. I am going to tell you what you want to eat. Lets start off first with what you don't want to eat.

These are things you don't want to see on your ingredientd label;

Meat and poultry by-products
If your food has by-products in it, you aren't getting the best stuff. You want to eat real meat, not feet and beaks.

Added Sweeteners
I know sweet stuff sounds good, and it tastes good too. That is how they coax you into eating nasty food, by adding sweetener.

Artificial Preservatives
BHA, BHT, and Ethoxyquin are ones you want to look out for. Some of these are toxic and used in pesticides.

Artifical colors
I don't care what color my food is as long as it tastes good. Don't put anything in my food that doesn't have to be there.

It is really hard for us to digest. It's better if there is rice or potatoes instead of corn.

Now that we have gone over what you don't want, let's get to the good stuff.

What you want to see on your ingredientd label;

It is great to see meat at the top of your food list. Real meat, no by-products. If the first ingredient is a protien meal, even better. This means it was weighed after the water was removed. That means more meat in my food.

Whole vegetables, fruits, and grains.
This stuff tastes good and is good for you. Eat your fruits and veggies.

This means they didn't use any chemichals on the food ever. Organic is great.

Next lets name a few great brands you should try.
Taste of the Wild
Solid Gold
Nature's Variety

These are just a few great foods, but hopefully it gives you a place to start if you want to switch kibble. I have eaten each of the brands above and can say they are all delicious. I hope you enjoy your dinner tonight, I know I will.


Monday, January 19, 2009

Look at me, I'm 3

Guess what... I turned 3 last week. It was awesome. I got new toys and mommy made me birfday pupcakes again. Aunt Jess got me a doughnut toy for at home and an octopus. Mommy let me go to PetSmart and pick out my own toys. I decided to get a frog that makes crazy noises and a snowman. I like all of my new toys, but not as much as I like my jolly ball or the turtle mommy got me for Christmas. Daddy said we are running out of room in the toy box and that I don't need anymore toys. My solution to that is to get a bigger toy box. Of course I need more toys.

It is just Layla, Chi Chi and I now. Harley and I couldn't get along, so he has a new family. Mommy said he has kids and cats now. That sounds like a lot of fun to me. She talks to Harley's new mommy on the computer a bunch to keep tabs on him. Layla and don't fight like Harley and I did, so I guess it's a good thing.

The daycare just celebrated its first year in business. Mommy and Aunt Jess were pretty excited about it. I will post some pictures to show you how awesome daycare really is. I am off to nap now.


This is Norah. She and her brother Rudi come in a couple times per week.

Shaka has been coming in since he was 9 weeks old. He is over 1 year now.

Daisy and Hudson

My sister Layla

This is Rosie. She comes in for daycare and lives down the street from us.

Finally, Layla and Riley at the end of a long day.