Friday, November 03, 2006

My Life

Hi, My name is Tyson! I am a ten month older boxer with three dog siblings. I live with my mom and dad in Indiana. ChiChi was here before me, but I still consider myself the leader of the dog pack. ChiChi is my older sister. She is an eight year old chihuahua. My little sister Layla came after me. she is a five month old boxer. She looks a lot like me. Mom and dad just brought home this other boxer. His name is Harley. They said that they were going to foster him, but now they have decided to adopt him. He is much calmer that I am. He is older than me, but I don't let him boss me around. He might be older than me, but I am still bigger than him.

Layla and I are real good buddies. We go to training class together on Wednesdays, so we have a lot of the same friends. She likes to follow me to the dog park too. Mom and dad take us to Pawster Park. I would like to go every day, but they only take us about once a week. Mom said it is getting to cold to go all of the time. She said it will be snowing soon. I know nothing of this snow she speaks of, but I am excited to find out what she is talking about.

I am ready to go play in the back yard, so I will talk to y'all later.

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