Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My 2nd Birfday Party

I just turned 2 yesterday. My mommy and Aunt Jess threw a party for me at the daycare on Saturday. The nice lady from 4 Paws Pet Bakery made me two cakes and some pizza. I went in with mommy to pick up the pizza and cake. While I was there I got a treat for birfday from the lady at the bakery.

When we got back to the daycare there were some doggies that I didn't know that came in to see us. Then some dogs from the dog park came in to celebrate with me. My cousins Rocky and Elsie came in too. Both grandmas and one of my grandpas came in too. My daddy was at work, so he didn't get to come. Uncle Justin was there though. Over all it was a great birfday party!

This is me opening my present from Aunt Jess. She got me two balls, some treats, and this stuffed hippo.

This is us sitting and waiting for mommay and Aunt Jess to give us cake. We are so well behaved... most of the time.

Here is my peanut butter cake. We also had a chocolate cake. Mommy said it was carob, but it tasted like chocolate to me.