Thursday, January 25, 2007

Our Big Debut

Grandpa called today and told mommy that we made the front page of the living section! I am all excited. Now everyone can see how handsome I am. Mommy hasn't seen it yet, but she said she would bring it home so I could see for myself. Even though it is in section D of the paper, I am still in the paper. Here's the link to the story...


zaphiro said...

Congratulations for making it in the paper, Tys! We're very proud of you...and now you're going to be famous!

Be good and tidy up the house for Mommy...after all, she has to pick up after Daddy and that's a full time job in itself!

See you soon!

Uncle Jer and Uncle Dave

Ferndoggle said...

Tyson you're famous! No wonder...with that face! It's almost as cute as mine!

Lola the White Boxer (whose Mom is also named Jennifer!)