Friday, December 15, 2006

I've been tagged!

Waylon tagged me and now I have to spill the beans and tell y’all 6 things about me that are weird.

1. When mommy or daddy is in the shower I like to lick the water between the crack at the bottom of the shower door. I like to lick mommy’s feet after she gets out too.

2. I am so strong that I can break out of my cage every time I go in there! Mommy and Daddy don’t like it when I am out very much.

3. I love that lake, but don’t like to swim yet, maybe this year my weimaraner friend Earl will teach me. That would be so cool!

4. When mommy makes me wear my gentle leader I throw a HUGE fuss. It doesn’t hurt me at all, I just like to make mommy look like a meanie. If I keep fighting it enough maybe she won’t make me wear it anymore.

5. I came from a bad pet store. I was registered with APRI. Mommy said that it was a stupid registration, so I chewed it up. Problem solved!

6. When I sleep between mommy and daddy I find it more fun to sleep with my butt by their heads. They don’t like it and always turn me around, but I think it is funny!!!


Baily said...

love your problem solving skills!!! :)

nose licks

Peanut said...

Oh I sleep the same way you do. Or you know what else is good. Wait until your mom and dad are asleep and then lay yourself across their feet. My Dad doesn't even wake up. Mom wakes up and just moves her legs not me. So I get a good spot.