Thursday, December 21, 2006

I love Secret Santa!

Mommy has what they call a Secret Santa at her work. This Secret Santa got toys for me! Mommy brought me two new rope toys. As awesome as new toys are, this Secret Santa is not very smart. I have two boxer siblings. 1 + 2 makes 3 not 2. Now Harley and Layla have to fight over my extra rope toy.

Mommy moved my crate into the dinning room. I really like it in there. I can watch Animal Planet all day, plus I can see out the front windows. Mommy said I have been good since I haven't been breaking out of my cage so much. Does that mean I get new toys? I sure hope so. I need some new chew toys, and some stuffed ones too. I want a new Auggie toy. Maybe this Secret Santa will bring me a new Auggie. If not I will be extra good and them mommy will buy me a new one. She loves me lots. That is why I can get her to do whatever I want.

I have got to nap. Latter -Tyson

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